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YES! We are open again! Hotel guests as well as outside guests are more than welcome to visit Credible again: from the early morning until late in the evening. For coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, and anything in between. We are very excited that we may welcome you again in Credible!

For the health of our guests as well as our employees we’ve taken a number of measures, which we would like to discuss in the sections below. We kindly ask everyone to follow the guidelines as well as any instructions of our staff. This way we ensure that we can responsibly enjoy a good time together. Cheers!

If you experience any flu-like or cold-like symptoms, such as a runny nose, sneezing, coughing, or heightened body temperature, please do stay at home! Do not come to our hotel/restaurant, but contact us via e-mail or phone. We can move your reservation, regardless of the conditions under which it has been booked, to another date without any additional costs.

You can visit our restaurant only if you are completely healthy and adhere to all the required criteria. The criteria include having no symptoms and not having tested positive for the corona virus recently, and also not having been in contact with others who have. This will be checked with all our guests upon arrival at our restaurant. The same applies to all our colleagues.

You don’t have to make a reservation in advance anymore: for our outside terrace as well as our indoor restaurant you can just come by. We will then make a reservation ‘on the spot’, during which we check whether you adhere to all the required criteria and write down the required contact information.

We have thoroughly reorganized our restaurant as well as our terrace, with at least 1,5 meters between each table. In addition, we have accounted for enough space for the walking paths – inside as well as outside alongside our terrace (between the seats and the sidewalk) – and have equipped our restaurant with dispensers with hand sanitizer in multiple spots. We kindly request all our guests to make thankful use of this and wash their hands regularly, just as we do. After guests have departed, their tables, including the menu’s etc. are thoroughly cleaned. This also applies to the payment terminals, door handles, and sanitary facilities.

To be able to make a reservation in our hotel, the same criteria apply as to our restaurant guests, which is also checked again with all our hotel guests upon arrival. We kindly request everyone, whenever possible, to book their hotel stay in advance. You can do this easily via the booking engine on our homepage. Furthermore, we kindly ask all our guests to take each other into account and give each other some space whilst passing one another in the general areas such as the stairways and hallways of the hotel. The hall of the side entrance of the hotel is also equipped with a dispenser with hand sanitizer.

Furthermore, our housekeeping team works with an extensive hygiene protocol. We for example use a special disinfectant spray to clean door handles, TV remotes, light switches, etc. after each check-out. The same applies to the room keycards collected at check-out. Rooms of guests staying multiple nights are only cleaned by our housekeeping staff when the guest is not in the room at that moment.

Frequently asked questions

Is it safe to visit Credible?
Although risks of contagion can never be completely ruled out, we have done as much as we can to minimize the risks and are continuously aware of working as safe and hygienic as possible. Follow our instructions and give one another some space, then everyone can visit us and enjoy our hospitality with ease and confidence.

With how many people can you visit Credible?
You can come to our restaurant in any case with 2 people, regardless whether or not you belong to the same household. If indeed you are all from the same household, you can also sit together at one table with more than 2 people. Do you not belong to the same household but still want to enjoy a nice time out together? That is also possible: we have created a special table setting for this, with which we can maintain 1,5 meters between each table for 2 but still sitting together.

I have symptoms. What now?
Please stay at home if you have any symptoms whatsoever. If you have made a hotel reservation, just contact us via e-mail or phone. We can move your reservation to another date without any additional costs*.

If I have already made a hotel reservation, is it then possible to also make a restaurant reservation?
If you have already booked at our hotel, it is not required for you to make a reservation in advance for our restaurant. You can just come by if you would like to have some food or drinks. However, if you still wish to guarantee yourself a spot, we can make an exception (only for our hotel guests) and make a reservation for you.

Can I cancel or change my booking?
That depends on the type of booking you made. Bookings with a flexible rate can be changed to another date  without any additional costs* or cancelled within the listed period of free cancellation. Non-refundable bookings can not be changed or canceled.

*With exception of any price differences based on weekdays versus weekend days and any local price increases, for example due to specific events.